EPISCOPUS: Society for the Study of Bishops and Secular Clergy in the Middle Ages

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Established in 2004, EPISCOPUS is an interdisciplinary, scholarly society devoted to fostering the exchange of information and research about the medieval episcopate and secular clergy. This site exists to put us in touch with one another, to publish translated texts concerning medieval bishops for use by students and scholars, and to announce upcoming academic conferences of potential interest to members. We charge no dues or fees, and invite you to add your name to the directory and contribute information to the pages devoted to member publications, texts, and news. We will be updating the information here regularly, and invite members to check the accuracy of our directory information.

EPISCOPUS scholars and non-academic members are interested in the role of bishops and secular clergy in medieval society. The Society currently charges no dues, and is open to anyone interested in its subject matter. To become a member of Episcopus and be added to our e-mail distribution list, please fill out our membership form (Google form link).

Our bylaws are available online. Any other questions about Episcopus should be directed to the current Episcopus President.

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