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Deadline 15 Sept 2017: Brevia (two short-paper sessions for EPISCOPUS at ICMS Kalamazoo and IMC Leeds 2018)

EPISCOPUS is pioneering a new session format for ICMS and IMC 2018 that provides scholars with 3 minutes to present nascent or in-progress work, or newly discovered documents, in a discussion-rich environment that will provide fodder for the development of full papers. In addition to the collegial discussion, a Brevia this year gives you prime access to a paper slot in an EPISCOPUS session in the 2019 Leeds or Kalamazoo conference program.

Our sessions at Kalamazoo are as follows:

  • Start Ups and Flops I: Episcopal Start Ups
  • Start Ups and Flops II: Pastors and Disasters
  • Start Ups and (We Hope Not) Flops III: Brevia--Scholars’ Start Ups on Bishops and the Secular Clergy in the Middle Ages. This last will be an unusual session, modeled in part on similar successful sessions at the American Historical Association. Up to 10 scholars will have ca. 3 minutes each to present informally a current research idea. The audience and session participants will then respond with suggestions about where to take the ideas. Our goals will be to foster research in its very early stages and to generate paper proposals for the International Congress in 2019. This session will be neither a traditional session nor a roundtable, although it comes closer to a roundtable in format, and that is how it is categorized by the Congress.

To submit to Kalamazoo, please send a Participant Information Form (to be found at and an abstract of no more than 250 words to Michael Burger at

To submit to Brevia for Leeds, please fill out the form at

Deadline 15 Aug 2017: Episcopus CFP for IMC Leeds 2018

Deadline 15 September 2017: The New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

This conference, held 8-10 March 2018 on the Sarasota campus of New College of Florida (the honors college of the Florida state system), focuses on European and Mediterranean history, literature, art, music and religion from the fourth to the seventeenth centuries that blur methodological, chronological, and geographical boundaries, or that combine subjects and/or approaches in unexpected ways. Abstracts are due 15 Sept 2017, and more information is available on the conference web site

Deadline 31 May 2017: Congreso Obispos y Catedrales. Arte en la Castilla bajomedieval

This conference on bishops and artistic patronage in late medieval Spain will be held 25-27 October 2017 at the Universidad de León. A CFP and the conference web site have complete submission and attendance information.

Deadline 31 March 2017: Episcopus CFP for ICMS Kalamazoo 2018